Should You Use Free Website Building Tools?

There are many different web design tools available, and a lot of them are completely free to use. The question is: should you use a free website maker service to build your own ‘DIY’ website? Perhaps not…

Many of us are drawn in by the word ‘free’. Whether it’s free samples in the supermarket, or a free upgrade at a hotel, getting something for nothing is usually an attractive option! However, when it comes to website design, ‘free’ doesn’t always mean ‘free’. Why? Because you’ll need to factor in the internal costs associated with building your own website, which may be more than hiring a web design company!

The Cost of ‘Free’ Web Design Tools

When building a website in-house, while the software may well be free to use, your internal resources are not! Not only will you need to ensure that your employees have the right skills to make a website, but you’ll also need to account for the man hours required which could result in a drop in production.

Experts estimate that the time it takes to build a website can often be much longer than you think:

  • A simple blog using a template: 2 hours
  • An informational site (home, about us, contact, blog): 8 hours
  • A full ecommerce website: 20 hours

There’s also a wide range of other potential tasks, including the need to:

  • Purchase domain name and hosting: 45 minutes
  • Migrate a site between hosting accounts: 1 hour
  • Fix a non-obvious problem: up to 5 hours

And, of course, these estimates are based on existing knowledge! Training times could be:

  • Basic Wordpress training: 2 hours
  • Associated tool training (e.g. web analytics tools): 5 hours
  • Ecommerce website training: 8 hours

Are Free Tools Worth The Effort?

For full ecommerce website design, other forms of full website design, responsive web design, content marketing, and SEO marketing, it will often be more cost effective to work with a dedicated web design agency. This will ensure you get the best results, while leaving your team free for more productive, profitable tasks. However, if you have some enthusiastic and skilled employees on site, free website maker tools can be good for quick, simple ad hoc maintenance tasks; installing or updating plugins, for example.

Here at Mi Web Design, we believe that it’s essential for you to focus on your core business, identifying new growth and development opportunities – and leaving the website side of things up to us!