Should I Have My Website Designed by a Pro?

The importance of having a visually appealing website is clear. After all, we only have 7 seconds to make a first impression. What isn’t always as obvious is how other aspects of web design can impact overall business success. Did you know that three quarters of your audience will determine your credibility through your website design? That means that your content, your layout, and your SEO need to be fantastic.

But here’s the problem: web design isn’t rocket science. And by that, we mean that a superstar web designer doesn’t need any formal qualifications in order to excel at their job. This is confusing some growing businesses, who are led to believe that web design is something that anyone can do. Of course, the results are poorly designed websites that fail to attract, fail to inform, and ultimately, fail to convert.

Web Design Skills

While qualifications aren’t always necessary, what is essential is skill, knowledge, and a touch of creativity. A good web designer will exhibit a number of important design talents, including:

  • Visual design awareness
  • User Experience (UX) knowledge
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) skills
  • Coding talents — HTML and CSS, for example
  • Design software experience

This shows us pretty clearly that not everyone can be a great web designer! A talented web designer is one whose skills and experience span a wide range of sectors, combining aesthetics with function and practicality.

Professional Web Design

Professional web designers, like our team at Mi Web Design, blend their skills with the cold, hard facts of the design world. We know that visitors spend the majority of their time — 6.48 seconds on average — looking at a company logo. We also know that navigation is a major focal point, while the bottom of a website isn’t particularly favourable. This all helps us to create websites that achieve their goals.

The Mi Web Design team is experienced in combining beauty and function to create great-looking websites that also offer a fantastic user experience; straightforward navigation to improve access to your most popular content; visuals that really make an impact, and logos to boost brand recognition and recall. Quite simply, it’s about ensuring that the right information is available to the right audience, at the right time.

If you’re wondering whether your business can afford professional web design, ask yourself this: can your business really afford amateur web design?