Pay per Click (PCP) Adverts

At Mi Web Design we are great believer in implementing Pay per Click (PCP) adverts on the key search engines alongside organic search results, especially in those areas where your organic search results are not on Page 1. Having successfully built multiple eCommerce websites and businesses ourselves from scratch, we have an approach that works whilst minimising the cost of Pay per Click and improving ROI.

Pay per Click Adverts

We work with you to decide where to focus the Pay per Click campaign and how best to structure the adverts and associated costs: 

  • Define PCP campaign approach & scope from brief provided by yourself
  • Identify area of business and keywords to be targeted 
  • Create advert wording for products / services
  • Agree total and PCP spend per day
  • Implement campaign and monitor

We are passionate about sales whatever the product or service, so please get in touch today to discuss how we can help.