Choosing the Perfect Logo Placement

We all know that logo design is important. In fact, your business logo will fast become one of the most important components of your website content. A good logo will resonate with your customers, boost brand recall, and communicate your message quickly and easily with your audience. However, here at Mi Web Design, we know that logos need more than just a great design; they need a great placement, too.

Logo Placement Options

Your website, your way. Let’s get one thing straight: there is no hard and fast rule over where you can — or can’t — position your brand’s logo on your website, leaving you with complete flexibility and a whole host of options. However, when we take a closer look at these options, some naturally stand out more.

In a study by the Nielsen Norman research group, for example, it was found that pixels above the fold (that is, visible on screen without scrolling) were viewed 102% more than pixels below the fold. In terms of visibility, most brands pretty much rule out logo positions beneath the fold, and especially in the bottom right corner. Typically the last place a visitor looks, this has been called the ‘corner of death’!

This leaves us with three main options to consider: top left, centre, and top right. So which is better?

Best Logo Placement

As a leading web design agency, here at Mi Web Design we make sure we’re able to back our design choices using real research, ensuring we know what users want, and how we can deliver just that. That’s why we typically recommend to our clients that they place their brand logo in the top left of the website.

Studies published by the Nielsen Norman Group show that a top left logo placement is best for navigation, with users 6 times more likely to struggle to get back to your homepage with a centred logo. Similarly, users are 89% more likely to recall your brand with a top left logo, rather than a top right logo.

There are two main reasons for top left preference: nature, and tradition. As English speakers, a left-to-right language is nature; it’s natural we’ll start at the top left and work across and down, just as if we were reading a book. Additionally, a top left logo has become the norm, and we naturally look to this part of the website to view a logo. So if in doubt, a top left logo is statistically more likely to succeed.