About Us

mi web design high wycombe buckinghamshire

Shaun and his wife Amanda started their first eCommerce business in 2016 and it took them 2 years to go from start-up to a business turning over more than £1 million per year. The company is now a leading global supplier and employs ten people in Buckinghamshire.

During this time, we worked incredibly hard and now understand what it takes for an eCommerce company to be successful. Like everyone, we took a few shortcuts which back-fired and cost us money. In 2017 we started a second eCommerce company using the same framework and strategy and this is growing into a successful online business.

Mi Web Design Ltd was founded in 2018 by Shaun, after realising there is a significant gap in the market to help fellow entrepreneurs who are looking to launch or build a successful eCommerce business. The growth and success of our eCommerce businesses inspired me to start our own web design business to help those in a similar situation to when we first started.

By choosing Mi Web Design, you can leverage our expertise to grow your own eCommerce business fast, using the most efficient methods and framework that we know are effective. Most web design companies are just that, a web design company. With Mi Web Design, you are working with a team who have real life eCommerce Business knowledge, which is invaluable.

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