3 Brilliantly Simple but Effective Logos

Creating a company logo that represents your brand, your vision, and your values is one of the most important tasks for any business. After all, not only have eye tracking studies found that logos and other brand elements are some of the main focal points for website visitors, but your logo is also your brand’s ‘face’. It’s a visual representation of your company that should — ideally — facilitate brand recall.

However, designing the perfect logo is sometimes easier said than done. In fact, even some of the biggest brands in the world have backtracked on their original designs, tweaking their logos to address concerns or generate new interest. McDonald’s, for example, went through 3 different logos before finally settling on their famous ‘golden arches’, and the arches themselves have even had their fair share of makeovers. So just how can brands design an effective logo that will successfully retain relevance?

The solution? Simplicity. We only have to look at these examples to see that simplicity sells:

1. Nike

The Nike logo has gone through a few changes since the company was launched back in 1971, but there is one aspect that has been present throughout: the famous ‘swoosh’. Today, all lettering has been removed from the logo entirely, leaving nothing but the simple, minimalist swoosh… and it works. Despite its simplicity, the swoosh works because this tiny image has a lot to say. Not only does the design give an impression of movement — relevant to Nike’s sporting focus —it also appears to be in roughly the shape of a ‘tick’ mark, suggesting to audiences that they are making the right decision with Nike.

2. Apple

Everyone knows the Apple logo, which has become one of the most instantly recognisable brand logos in the world, despite its remarkable simplicity. This logo doesn’t spell out to its audience the company name, nor does it suggest what it is the company does. What it succeeds in doing, however, is telling a story. The modest apple holds great significance in the world of science, technology, and futuristic thinking, having been long associated with Sir Isaac Newton and the theory of gravity. Apple’s simple and basic logo does the same; it tells its audience a story and sets itself apart as an authority.

3. Twitter

A little bluebird was all it took to thrust social media platform Twitter into the limelight. The famous Twitter logo may look simple, and its design may be easy to absorb, but like the Nike logo, this image shares more information with its audience that it lets on. Not only does the bird’s slightly open beak generate visions of communication and sharing — the entire basis of the network — but the bird’s obvious mid-flight status suggests the rapid and widespread distribution of these communications. It may be one of the simplest designs out there, but the Twitter logo is a very accurate representation of the brand.