September 20, 2018

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to expand the reach of your e-commerce business and get your products in front of the right audiences. Generating excellent website content that online resources want to link to is vital, but could a ‘nofollow’ link policy be standing in the way of success?

What is a Nofollow Link?

If an online resource links to your e-commerce website using a nofollow link, it means that the Google SEO algorithm doesn’t count this association between your website and the resource when it determines PageRank. In terms of search engine ranking, nofollow links aren’t great. However, there are quite a few benefits of nofollow links, so there’s no reason why they should kill your SEO efforts.

While nofollow links don’t count in terms of Google SEO, they do still drive traffic to your e-commerce website, and that’s where e-commerce businesses can find real advantages. Nofollow links do the following things:

  • Build brand awareness through mentions of your website, your products, or your brand
  • Boost audience trust through associations with familiar, popular, or authoritative resources
  • Improve online visibility by directing audiences to your e-commerce website
  • Encourage visits from audiences and demographics that may be hard to reach directly

The Importance of Great Web Design

Referral traffic generated from nofollow links is fantastic. However, on its own, it’s not quite enough to really enhance your reputation, your sales, and your profits. That’s where great web design comes in.

We all know that success in the digital world is not just about traffic; it’s about conversions, too. If your nofollow links are generating substantial referral traffic, then make the most of it! Focus on your website design to keep these visitors on your e-commerce website for longer and encourage them to convert.

You can keep audiences engaged by doing the following things:

If you’re not too confident in your website making skills, it’s worth working with a web design agency to ensure you get it right. This is especially true if you want to turn those frustrating nofollow links into something better; into links that bring value to your business and enhance — not kill — your SEO efforts!