November 11, 2018

We’re living in the digital age. Internet marketing is thriving; consumers have the freedom to buy what they want, when they want, and online presence is a key factor in success. And yet research suggests that almost 30% of small businesses still don’t have their own business website!

Why are Websites so Important?

There are three really big reasons why it’s imperative that businesses have their own website, especially during a time when there is such a massive focus on ‘going digital’. Let’s take a quick look:

  1. Consumer Behaviour is Changing

The majority of consumers — particularly UK consumers — now prefer to shop online than in-store. While some businesses may not have their own ecommerce website, they do sell through online retailers. However, this isn’t the most effective option for businesses, especially when you consider that consumers prefer to buy directly from the brand, rather than a third party. Brand websites are vital!

  1. Consumer Beliefs are Changing

Once upon a time, a brand name itself was enough to instil trust in consumers… but not any more. Consumers are expecting more from the brands they choose to spend money with, and this includes the business having their own website. Research shows that 56% of consumers don’t trust a brand without a website, which is problematic as trust is now one of the major factors affecting a consumer’s choice of retailer.

  1. Digital Transformation is Happening

‘Digital transformation’ isn’t just a concept; it’s something that really is being implemented within many companies all across the world. Businesses are adopting new technologies at a rapid rate, placing themselves in a position to be able offer more to their consumers. It's possible that those businesses that do not have a website will be left lagging behind as their competitors begin to thrive.

Small Business Challenges

As we can see, there are many advantages to having an ecommerce website with engaging web design, so an important question we need to be asking is this: why do some businesses not have a website?

Key findings from the above study show that a lack of technical skills and a lack of resources (time, for example) are largely responsible for this delay in adopting new digital ways of working. However, these common small business challenges can be avoided through one simple act: asking the experts for help!

Working with a web design company ensures your ecommerce website is set up by web developers and website designers; people with the skills and experience needed to help you create a strong online presence.